Participants' Experiences


"Giving Voice reaches the parts other singing doesn’t reach!”  

In our forthcoming book Jill Rakusen shares "I’ve forgotten how often I’ve heard these words. They chime with what a broad spectrum of people have said, whether singing is what they feel able to do – or not. What prompts such remarks is varied; for, being so holistic, the GV Process can help us in myriad ways. "


These Participants' Experiences pages give a flavour of what participants have shared over the years. We cannot say how the process will impact on any particular person or issue; however, we can say that its impact is often surprising.  Giving Voice has been informed by  all who have sought to unlock the power of song through engaging in the GV Process – to grow, to build compassion, wisdom, strength, resilience … and much, much more. We hope their experiences encourages and inspire you in these challenging times.