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Unlocking the Power of Song

 A Companion for Challenging Times

By Jill Rakusen

ISBN: 978-1-9196405-0-1

Imprint: National Foundation for Giving Voice

Date Published: 26 Mar 2022

Format: Paperback

£25 (including UK P&P) Concessions available


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At present it's only available to purchase exclusively from us. 

Although we’re subsidising it hugely, we know the cost will still be out of reach for many. (If you are such a person, please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can offer you a subsidised copy.)


If you feel able to help others obtain a copy, please do add a donation using the button above.


Other ways to pay

  1. Send us a cheque, payable to NFGV, or

  2. Pay by Bank Transfer:  
      National Foundation for Giving Voice 09-06-66  41174782  
    Give your name as the reference and remember to  email us
    your name and address.


We have CD and Cassette Versions of two Albums below and they will soon be available for digital download .  

Songs for Universal Peace and Healing, originally made as a cassette tape (that’s how long GV has been going!), includes studio recordings by Jill of three songs in the book (No's 1, 3 and 9) together with three more. Available on CD or as a download for £8.50.

The ‘Peace Tape/CD’ was produced for people wanting to use song to promote peace in their lives, local communities, and the wider world. It contains two songs from the book. A Song about Finding Peace (No. 1) and The Time Has Come (No. 14); the latter is a participatory performance, recorded from ’scratch’, following 9/11 and street riots in the communities affecting the singers’ local areas. Available for a donation (suggested £5 minimum), along with Song Cards of these two songs as well.

Song Cards 

Song cards are currently available for:


  • A Song about Finding Peace (No. 1),

  • I see Beauty (No. 3),

  • Truth Song (No. 8),

  • Tallis’s Canon (No. 13),

  • A Song about Home (No. 28)

  • Every Little Step (No. 20).


Suggested Donation £1.50 each 

  • A ‘Tree’ of songs from the book (as displayed on page 19);  NB this card promotes the book and we do not charge for it.


To pay for CDs and Song Cards

  1. Send us a cheque, payable to NFGV, or

  2. Pay by Bank Transfer: 
      National Foundation for Giving Voice 
    Reference your name and 
    email us your name and address.

  3. Paypal

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