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Some participants' poetic contributions

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

1. Anna, an award-winning poet, wrote this poem in response to experiencing Jill's song The Time Has Come (Song No. 14 in Unlocking the Power of Song: A Companion for Challenging Times; the song is also on our 'Peace' recording)

Giving Voice


Sound - Health

for Peace

Tonight I trudge from a barren place

me to myself alone sounds dumb

until, deeply-focussed

Your voice intones an old old song:

Now is the time

To sing of love

Listening voices rise, responsive each to each

falling they melt above – below each

into each as we expand the dehydrated air

until, between us

resonates this structure of pitched sounds:

an intangible texture, our transport



We’re now beyond known bounds —

Later we note: each intentional ear

composes our harmonised we

For in joining together and giving voice

in concert we recreate, are always this song:

Now IS the time

To sing song of love …

Shantih shantih shantiiih

© Anna Taylor, March 2006

2. Carolyn was inspired to write a Haiku in response to her experience with the same song –

Sing a song of love

Spread the sound through space

To reach the silence

Carolyn Cable

3. Carolyn was drawn to create another haiku – in response to engaging with Jill's Being Chant (No. 6 in Unlocking the Power of Song – a Companion for Challenging Times.)

The ever changing moon

Seen behind a misty cloud

Yet turns tides by being

Carolyn Cable

4. Gytau wrote this after a attending a GV group with Jill

Gytau Mandur

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