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 Introducing our long-awaited book


Unlocking the Power of Song

 A Companion for Challenging Times

By Jill Rakusen

This book is a beautiful gift for anyone in these uncertain times.  It’s a book to treasure.

  • A gentle and kindly guide to Jill’s unique approach to song, the book is designed as a Companion for personal use for years to come 

  • It's potentially for anyone –

    • whether you sing or not

    • whether you define yourself as ‘unmusical’

    • or whether you already recognise your innate ‘musicality’

  • Indeed, even though it contains some written music, you don’t need to be able to read this    

  • Forged with love, it’s a  S L O W  book, designed to be savoured, and dipped into.  It’s truly a companion for life

  • Alongside the narrative of how Jill’s discoveries – and some of her songs – came into being, the book contains contributions from many others who have engaged with this extraordinary approach, plus handy hints for how you can benefit in similar ways

  • It reveals how song can be harnessed – by anyone, in any situation and unusually it is particularly about harnessing song on our own, even in silence​

Look inside!
Book cover

The book defies classification –


  • It helps us nurture ourselves, and grow – in awareness and understanding of ourselves and others and the world as a whole

  • While it’s about the power of song, it’s not particularly about singing

  • Nor is it designed for choirs, or teachers. Rather, it takes the reader on a personal journey, the kind of journey best embarked on in solitude

  • As Jill says,

It’s a contribution to reclaiming a role for music, and in particular, song, that goes beyond the constructs of ‘musician’ versus ‘non-musician’, ‘performer’ versus ‘audience’, ‘sacred’ versus ‘profane’, and beyond the construct of music as an art or a means of manipulation, or a panacea.”

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