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 Buy our newly-published book


Unlocking the Power of Song

 A Companion for Challenging Times

By Jill Rakusen

£25 (including UK P&P) Concessions available

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At present it's only available to purchase exclusively from us. 

Although we’re subsidising it hugely, we know the cost will still be out of reach for many.

If you feel able to help others obtain a copy, please do add a donation using the button above.


Other ways to pay

  1. Send us a cheque, payable to NFGV, or

  2. Pay by Bank Transfer:  
      National Foundation for Giving Voice 09-06-66  41174782  
    Give your name as the reference and remember to  email us
    your name and address.

A Message from the Foundation’s Trustees


The Foundation has funded this book’s publication, and proceeds from its sale go towards these costs, which have largely involved design and printing. Most people, notably the author, have given their time and energy to this project with love and without remuneration.


We are acutely aware that this valuable book will be out of reach for increasing numbers of people being affected by the soaring cost of living crisis. We therefore invite anyone who can afford it to make a donation so the book can be made available more cheaply, or even free, for those whose means are severely limited. And if you are such a person, please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can offer you a subsidised copy.

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