Dec  2021


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Unlocking the Power of Song in Isolation

New opportunities for you to engage with Giving Voice

- wherever you are


We've been hard at work revamping our online presence to make it helpful for you during the challenges we’re all facing.

We’ve launched a new Blog 

  • Unlocking the Power of Song which will explore how being isolated can, if anything, enable us to unlock the power of song even more productively than in a group and a couple of Facebook groups

  • Unlocking the Power of Song Facebook group coming soon from our Facebook page  where we will be sharing some recordings of songs that we are finding particularly helpful during these challenging times. We will be releasing some material from our forthcoming book: Unlocking the Power of Song: a companion for challenging times here so you can make use of it now,  and

  • Giving Voice for Peace Facebook group, where those who are committed to promoting peace using Giving Voice can get share and get support

And, if you can’t face joining Facebook, do let us know, as we might be able to sort out an alternative for you. (Jill herself has only just joined, on the promise that Caroline would be able to set her up in a way that few can see her!)

What next?