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Recent and Future Events
Developing Inner Companionship through Song with Jill and/or Caroline

'It was wonderful, I loved it! and I wasn’t initially feeling like attending because I was drawn to going out for a walk instead!’


‘It was really really helpful. I really bonded with the book (because it’s such a big book, I’d found it a bit daunting initially), and I worked out how to access the recordings. I also got a lot from hearing what others had to say’


'Lovely time. Got a lot out of it. Looking forward to being with that song/exploring more on my own’


These 2-session courses are for anyone who has a copy of the book, whether they’re new to this approach, or ‘old hands’; participants with health or care challenges particularly welcome.


What’s involved? Each course involves just two evening sessions, and is complete in itself. However much can be gained by attending more than one course. No musical or vocal expertise is needed, and no-one will be required to sing to the rest of the online group.                     



Mondays        30th Jan and 6th Feb 7pm-9pm   AND/OR  Book through eventbrite 

Wednesdays  19th and 26th April 7pm-9pm      AND/OR  Book through eventbrite 

Mondays        17th and 24th July 7pm-9pm       AND/OR  Book through eventbrite 

Thursdays      5th and 12th Oct 7pm-9pm                          Book through eventbrite 


NB participants need to attend both sessions of whichever course(s) they attend.


Price:  the fee is nominal – £10 for each course – but bursaries are still available for the seriously overstretched (and for those who aren’t please feel free to add a bit extra to help us keep providing bursaries – both for courses and books). The courses are all free to Foundation Members. 


Book either through the Eventbrite links above or by emailing us and paying below


Payment: you can pay either by  Bank Transfer:   National Foundation for Giving Voice 09-06-66  41174782  

Or by PayPal:


What you will need:  you will need your copy of the book, a reasonably good internet/zoom connection, and to be in a space where you can avoid interruption.  If you are ill and in bed, or need to be lying down, that’s fine.


Please book in good time (places will be limited)


December 2022

First online mini course  on
Developing Inner Companionship through Song with Jill and Caroline

October 2022

Inner Resources for Challenging Times through Unlocking the Power of Song

Saturday 15th October, 10:30 to 1pm in Heeley Sheffield.   Led by Caroline Thorpe

For more information and booking please contact Caroline 

September 2022

Caroline is offering a session in the Findhorn Unitarian Network their zoom meditation series. This open to anyone and takes place on Saturday 24 September at 10:00 am, or on Tuesday 27th September at 9:30 am. Please respond to indicating which session you want - you may register for both.  

June 2022

In June, Caroline shared Say I Love You to the World (No. 19 from our book) with the Unitarian Women’s League in Sheffield. People were surprised they didn’t need to sing, “Wasn’t at all what I expected, and I really enjoyed it”.


Also in June, Caroline joined Rachel in sharing All the Doors of my House (No. 16 from our book) at a women’s summer camp. Although it was only a half-hour session squeezed in between other events, it was clear from the responses afterwards how many people had a surprisingly profound experience. 

Developing your Inner Resources through Song - Special Online Event


In June we offered a special online event for Being Well in Suffolk’s  Life Lounge, where Jill Rakusen, founder of Giving Voice (GV), introduced  this unique and invaluable resource for life.

At the event Jill shared how she created and developed this approach for her own needs when challenged by illness, how she began teaching it to others, and how they in turn have gone on to use it in their lives, often to powerful effect. She offered a brief ‘taster’, together with pointers on how the experience could be built on after the event. Author of our new book, Unlocking the Power of Song – A Companion for Challenging Times, she gave an idea of what it can offer. Forged with love, it’s a beautiful, companionable resource that's full of inspirational stories of how people have used GV in their lives, plus clear step-by-step guidance and ‘handy hints’ on how you can do this too. And much else besides. 


If you would like us to offer a similar event for you and your friends or organisation, let us know. Copies of the book can be made available at a discount for people who attend.

March 2020

April 2022

In April Jill gave a brief five-minute introduction to the book for Action for Elders’ Book Group, and it was voted ‘best book’ out of the books introduced that day. Here’s a video of what she said –

March 2022

Our book becomes available


This was recorded during an extremely hot day in March, hence Jill’s sunhat.  


It’s an amateur video with background noises; however, feedback has encouraged us to share it here, even though the camera pans around people’s feet to protect their privacy.


More info about the song, and what it can offer in our lives using the Giving Voice Process, can be found in our book.

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