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Our approach has been found to offer much to a wide range of people, dealing with diverse issues. Called Giving Voice (GV), or the GV Process, it’s helped Jill, its founder, and many others, improve their level of functioning in all sorts of ways.  

And now our self-directed guide – Unlocking the Power of Song: A Companion for Challenging Times –  can enable an even wider range of people to benefit.

JUNE 2023​

See our press release Find a Companion for Life in Jill Rakusen’s book for Challenging Times via Pressat

Media Pack of images and other documents comprising

  • Cover of book - Unlocking the Power of Song

  • Chapter 2 ‘Who’s this book for?’

  • Tree of comments (image from book)

  • Getting the most out of this approach 

  • Picture of the Author



If you have a particular audience in mind, please let us know, so we can tailor information for you.


Alternatively some of our blogposts may be illuminating –


Even experienced students of our work can find it difficult to describe this unique approach. The rest of our website provides insight (eg What we’re about), as do our FAQs.



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