Effects on relationships and attitudes to others.

“I can’t remember the last time I shouted at my children!” (several months after Huddersfield Survivors’ course 2001)

“I feel very much part of a whole –even though I don’t know what the whole is doing”

“[I feel more able to stand firm in the face of criticism...I feel stronger now and more trusting of other people. I don’t feel afraid anymore.”(Huddersfield Survivors’ course 2001)

“[It] brought healing and resolving love to a [relationship] issue I’d been struggling with.”

“[I have] changed and developed my outlook of how I see other people and their circumstances.”

GV helps my relationship with myself and others – for example to be aware of deeply felt feelings, but not always to take action from them – rather to be aware and just accept them.  It helps me relate better to all life forms, heightening my observation of them.  It enables me to experience the powerful support of the universe” (2009)

At the residential I had an experience of true community for the first time ever.  Initially it surprised me because I didn’t think it would be possible, given the group of people I was with. I guess I got out of the way of my prejudices and decided to be willing!  Every time I get together and sing like that with people, I reconnect with that eternal singing community.  And now I can get that by singing alone too!  In those GV groups where everyone is committed – is giving of themselves and their truth - it’s even more rich, challenging and exciting!” (Advanced course participant, 2003)

“Occasionally feelings of overwhelm and being put upon changed very quickly … (if) I accessed the song within my heart.” (Residential participant 2004)

“I have felt LOVE in abundance which has dominated my whole experience. I will end up writing an essay so I will summarise key words and hopefully people will understand …

…  Contentment   Courage   Clarity  Beauty Compassion & Passion Residential participant 2004

"I've already smiled at more people than usual!" (participant commenting early on  in a ‘Distance Participation Day’.  Through doing the day she reported feeling “more connected and less alone” (Healey 2004)

“[Singing a particular] song made me realise my responsibility for what happens in the world.  At first I found this very uncomfortable and challenging.  But then I started to rise to the challenge, and as I did so, all my family relationships immediately started to change.  It’s helped me so much!” (Huddersfield Giving Voice, October 2001)

“It gave me an opening.  To see that there is love :  it is there - that there’s something to yearn for.  You’ve got to know it’s there, otherwise you can’t yearn for it.  It gave me exactly what I needed for dealing with this new world situation.  Wonderful.  Beautiful” (Manchester Giving Voice, September 2001)

“Found it encouraging.  Felt that …by singing this song it can help to heal the wounds of ourselves and others (past and present) – just as the song says. (2001)

“I’d been involved in a week-long community event some years ago, and several people were feeling bruised and upset after a difficult interaction in the group.  I was preparing to facilitate a morning session and was inspired to remember a particular song, which I had been using in my own personal Giving Voice process.  The words begin, “We are going, heaven knows where we are going …”.  As the 70-strong group gradually joined in with the song, the difficult atmosphere tangibly diminished and group members moved off to the day with a joy and sense of joint purpose which had been missing the night before.

I met with some of the women involved in that event recently, and they asked me to share the song again  it was clear that the experience of that song all those years ago was still with them.” Caroline Thorpe, Giving Voice teacher