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Sandra's story following traumatic bereavement – aspects of her recovery process

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Sandra was attending a Giving Voice (GV) and Mental Health course, to see if it might help her after the death of her son in violent circumstances. Like other participants, she was encouraged to explore using this approach at home.* After doing this one day, she wrote the following in her diary –

“The last half hour has just been a most unbelievable experience. I’m looking after my 14 month old grandson. He’s having a bad day, teething, crotchety and to cap it all he trapped his fingers in the cupboard door. We snuggled down into the chair and rocked. I See Beauty [on our CD and Song No. 3 in our book] surfaced from deep within. I couldn’t believe it. [Previously Sandra had been having great difficulty with this song emotionally.] I began to sing quietly. He settled to sleep in the warmth and comfort while I sang and cried. Does each tear help to empty that great well of sorrow? My initial reaction is to question and try to analyse what happened – but instead I have just accepted the experience and feel the calm relief ripple though my whole being.”

A few days later,

“I feel very solid after the last group … my feet still feel to be connected, and drawing strength from the earth, while anxiety drops from my shoulders and my mind feels clear ... “

After completion of the course,

“[GV] has been my Golden Apple. See the beauty of it then experience the healing properties as I continue to nibble. I am learning to savour the delights of this fruit ... It has opened my heart and mind to allow song to seep osmotically in and work its magical qualities … Thank you Jill for being so supportive and encouraging. Your skills have opened up an amazing new vista for me … I feel so lucky … I’ve been given a goldmine! It's been a lifeline. It still is”

6 months after the course's completion, Jill received a phone message from Sandra, having again found herself singing the same song –

“I just had to tell you! I’m glowing. I feel beautiful. Thank you so much ... Initially I did not like the song – now it blows my socks off!”

* Our book gives guidance on how to do this, which Sandra had learnt about in the group. Deciding whether we 'like' a song or not is something discussed in the book too.

In The impact on our relationship with music Sandra describes how her entire relationship changed after engaging in the GV Process.

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