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Introducing our long-awaited book

A kindly and inspiring ‘How-to’ guide for the general reader, requiring absolutely no expertise or experience around music or singing.

 Available to buy exclusively from us


The Foundation is a charity whose charitable objects are to illuminate the relationship between music and health and wellbeing. This is largely done through discovering how to  Unlock the Power of Song, through what is called the Giving Voice* Process (GV).  


GV is a unique and invaluable resource for life that can be harnessed by individuals 24/7 in virtually any situation. Developed by Jill Rakusen, it’s an educational and self-directed tool that can have a major impact on overall wellbeing and on our relationships – including with ourselves, with music and with the world. It can help us grow, better handle stress, be less controlled by our emotions … and become more at one with the world. Among other things. 


The basics of this approach can be grasped quickly and with ease, particularly by people with little or no musical experience or perceived ability. It requires no musical or vocal expertise, and doesn’t even require us to sing. 


* The Foundation is not to be confused with the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists' Giving Voice Campaign, or their branches which run a Giving Voice Choir and a Giving Voices Choir and have Facebook pages called Leeds/Sheffield Giving Voice.

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