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"I’ve been given a goldmine"

“I feel so lucky I found the group. It’s been brilliant. It’s been absolutely right for me …

The benefit has been unbelievable.

I’ve been given a goldmine! It’s been a lifeline. It still is. [after end of course]”


Giving Voice (GV) is a unique self-help tool involving the strategic use of vocalised sound and song.

Anyone can learn to use it, in any situation, regardless of their health status or (dis)abilities, or beliefs about their capacities (lack of singing experience or expertise can even be an advantage).

GV is holistic, so it is self-evident that it has a spiritual component. Yet it can be harnessed by people who have no existing perception of their 'spirituality', and by people who espouse any religion or none. It can be done alone or in a group, aloud or even in silence. As with all tools, whether we can use it effectively depends on how far we take responsibility for developing and honing the necessary skill.

Giving Voice can promote ease, harmony, transformation and unity – within and between people and groups. It tends to be energising, peaceful and joyful, engendering the experience of awe and delight. It can enable us to (re)discover wonder, and our ability to foster it, to ‘reprogramme’ our attitudes and beliefs (even if unaware of them), to reassess our priorities, to discover and foster inner strength, to experience more vitality and happiness and, on a more profound level, integration, meaning and an ever-deepening understanding of what it means to be alive, to be creative, to be.


  • "It's so fantastic!" (Health Promoter)
  • "Just what we need" (Social Services Manager)
  • "My school needs this!" (Head Teacher)
  • "It really works!" (Therapist)
  • "I learnt so much!" (Management Consultant)
Giving Voice

Giving Voice was developed over many years by Jill Rakusen, and is in a continuous process of development through the involvement of trainees, teachers  Rachel Healey and Caroline Thorpe and participants fom a wide range of backgrounds, and members of the National Foundation for Giving Voice.

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