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Unlocking the Power of Song


  • On our Unlocking the Power of Song Facebook group available from our Facebook page we share some recordings of songs and some chapters from our new book, entitled:


It's available to purchase directly from us


The book is designed as a Companion for personal use for years to come. A gentle and kindly guide to Jill’s unique approach to song, it helps us realise just how much song can offer us, in any situation. Perhaps surprisingly, this is the case whether we sing or not. Indeed, whether we love, or even hate, singing – or sit somewhere in-between – this book is a gift for anyone in these uncertain times.  It’s a book to treasure.


Jill discovered how to unlock the power of song when disabled by post-viral fatigue syndrome. Then, health permitting, she began introducing this approach to others. Many people have benefitted from it as a result, and now this book can enable many more to benefit too.


It’s a  S L O W  book, designed to be savoured, and dipped into.  It’s truly a companion for life.


Alongside the narrative of how Jill’s discoveries – and some of her songs – came into being, the book contains contributions from many others who have engaged with this extraordinary approach. 

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