The Time has Come ...


it was conceived in the Republic of Ireland in August 2001,  as a response to the grim legacy of centuries of oppression in that island on the one hand, and to the beauty and creativity Jill was privileged to  witness on the other. It was born out of deep sorrow, pain and love, and has been helping her and others transform their relationships with all three.

She expected that it would go through a number of phases before being ‘ready’ to be born.  However, the devastating events of September 11th precipitated an early birth, and it was first shared in public that same evening, at the start of Sheffield Giving Voice’s new term, when all were still in varying stages of shock. 


Since then, increasing numbers of people have been discovering the power of this song to effect change.  It is imbued with the awareness that to truly honour ourselves, our own song, leaves no room for anything but love.   And that to truly sing - and listen - with awareness can foster lasting change within ourselves, and beyond.

*       *       *

The Time Has Come ... 

The Time Has Come to sing a song of love

(Chorus - repeat 4 times)

The ways are many to live and to die,

Whatever we carry within is what we display:

Oh the time has come to sing a song of love (x2)

 (Chorus - repeat as desired)

 By singing a song of love we can bring this world,

Ourselves and each other, the chance to heal our wounds -

And those of all peoples broken in ages past,

And hasten the time (optional x3) when the die can be recast

 (Chorus - repeat as desired)

To connect with the pain and horror can fill us with shame -

It’s so much to bear, and too much to face alone,

But by singing this song with love, we can break the chain

Of fear and hatred (optional x3)* that lead to more of the same                                            

Chorus - repeat ad infinitum …

 *additional words, such as anger, indifference, etc can be added here

 ©Jill Rakusen, August 2001

“Awesome”                                  (participant - Sheffield Giving Voice, September 11 2001)

“’The Time Has Come’ gave me exactly what I needed for dealing with this new world situation.  Wonderful.  Beautiful.” 

(participant - Manchester Giving Voice, September 2001)

“I’d had a really challenging day, having connected with some profound grief, distress and anger.  I put on the tape, and by the end I felt at peace”

 (participant - Leeds Giving Voice, November 2001)

’The Time Has Come’ made me realise my responsibility for what happens in the world. 

At first I found this … challenging.  But as I started to rise to the challenge, all my family relationships  immediately started to change.”  

(participant - Huddersfield Giving Voice, October 2001)