Rachel, Caroline and Jill facilitate Giving Voice in a number of ways. This may involve groups large or small, and/or 1-1 sessions, and/or individual or group sessions at a distance.  Since the Covid-19 pandemic took hold, they have also begun to experiment with online ways of working. Jill supervises both Rachel and Caroline, and all three share peer support, and their love – both for each other and for the work.


Giving Voice sessions come, broadly, under four categories:

  1. Introductory sessions – where insight can be gained into what’s involved in unlocking the power of song,

  2. Courses or Advanced GV groups – for those, such as Foundation Members, who wish to harness its potential, events for specific groups eg Cancer Help Centres, Religious or Spiritually-based groups;

  3. Residencies – eg at a Cumbrian primary school, and

  4. Purposeful communal events - eg for festivals, ‘Giving Voice for Peace and/or to raise money eg for refugees from war, for Tree Aid etc; 

Sometimes the distinction between categories is blurred, but all have an emphasis on joy and growth. Recently sessions have been offered in response to the global climate crisis entitled Building the World We Want.


Contexts where Giving Voice has been introduced include educational or local authority settings, local and national mental health organisations, the NHS, cancer help centres, women’s centres, spiritual and alternative health settings; arts organisations, local, national and international conferences, community, voluntary and/or campaigning groups, and a range of festivals.



Giving Voice Events

Book launch and Celebration


 to celebrate and preview 


by   Jill Rakusen 

on Sunday 17th October 2021   

in Thorner, Leeds and via Zoom

Giving Voice for Peace (GV4P) is for people who not only desire peace – in our lives and in the world – but who also wish to develop (greater) skill in finding and promoting it, to strengthen the capacity to resist its opposite, and who are open to learning how song can support and teach us in this regard.

GV4P can enable us to address complex feelings about world events, and the overall world situation; and to grow harmony and compassion – within ourselves and in the world. It can take us beyond 'personal development’, as the focus becomes the whole, and the part that the whole needs us to play. 

Events are usually held on Third Thursday of the Month  Find out more

Responding to Covid-19

Members and Membership


We've been hard at work revamping our online presence to make it helpful for you during the challenges we’re all facing.

We’ve launched a new Blog 

  • Unlocking the Power of Song which will explore how being isolated can, if anything, enable us to unlock the power of song even more productively than in a group


and a couple of Facebook groups

  • Unlocking the Power of Song Facebook group coming soon from our Facebook page  where we will be sharing some recordings of songs that we are finding particularly helpful during these challenging times. We will be releasing some material from our forthcoming book: Unlocking the Power of Song: a companion for challenging times here so you can make use of it now,  and

  • Giving Voice for Peace Facebook group, where those who are committed to promoting peace using Giving Voice can get share and get support


You can be a member of the Foundation for  £58 (£40 concessions) for 12 months.

Members are people who want to support the Foundation's aims and principles, and contribute to its development

Members get:

  • Discounts at most Giving Voice events

  • Support in your individual ongoing process, including a specially created unique phrase

  • special mailings 

  • special emailings 

  • members-only Foundation days, 3 annually, free to members