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First Printing of Unlocking the Power of Song - updates noted.

UNLOCKING THE POWER OF SONG: a Companion for Challenging Times.

It is a songbook containing 28 of Jill’s songs and much more.  The first 25 copies have now been printed and we are collecting minor amendments to put in place  before the next much larger batch is printed in March.


  1. Watermark images will be adjusted so they do not run across the crease in the spine of the book.  Pages 26, 50, 100, 126,  134, 148,172, 258, 262, 294, 320, 332.

  2. Typos page 207 - telements;  in the garden I was fortunate in having access to

  3. p125 Extra comma The Four Key Elements,, for instance

  4. strange lines on page 186

  5. p98 lyrics - I am worthy to be caressed - change to I was born to be carressed

  6. p167 Useful Links  Say I love you to the world p255 change to p170

If you find any other problems please email us at 

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