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1. Make c. 15 minutes of time for yourself. Make sure that you cannot be interrupted. Avoid listening to both songs during any one ‘session’.

2. Listen when not doing anything else. Preferably lie down with eyes closed or sit in the kind of position appropriate for meditation.

3. Be prepared to experience a mixture of feelings and release of emotions, particularly at first, and then move beyond that stage (possibly to boredom) and then to a consistent state of joy. Once this stage is reached, the songs can then be used at any time to enable you to recover that awareness and gradually to take responsibility for creating it for yourself.

4. If you have the desire to sing along with the CD it’s best to resist it until you have the song(s), and the way they are sung, deeply in your awareness – as if they are old, old friends – and do it alone, at least at first. This will maximise the power of your singing when you eventually do so. We can all sing powerfully – i.e. in a way that can empower ourselves and others, and thereby create positive change in the world.

5. Bear in mind that you are discovering ‘The Time Has Come …’ Just as those present did – see above. As you listen, you will hear how people began to feel able to join in, and gradually create harmony, each person
taking their place in it. Be aware that you too can find your place within the harmony. If you choose to listen with your heart from the beginning, you will, like each person present, experience an organic process, and find yourself affected, and even changed by it. You may well, like them, find you have the desire and the capacity to join in, if you
wish, with no effort whatsoever, provided you keep reminding yourself to connect with your heart, and leave aside all judgement, including an belief that you can’t sing.

6. You may experience some release of tears or tension with either song, in which case you are invited to trust that if you continue, through the tears, to allow the song to reach you, your feelings will be affected by it; you could literally be moved through them, perhaps even to a peaceful and/or joyful place. From that perspective, grief, pain,  confusion, anger etc. can become transformed, with (ir)regular attention to this song. Who knows what could happen if enough people were to take this kind of medicine? 

Listened to once or occasionally, the CD can offer a great deal. But if you want to change, to grow, to heal, listen to your chosen song regularly over a period of time, with as much honesty and integrity as possible.

If you experience any difficulties with it, do not hesitate to ring for advice. Its value is greatest for people who recognise that listening actively to it is what will effect profound and lasting change, and we are always delighted to hear from people who seek help to facilitate that end. Equally, please don’t hesitate to let us know how it’s affected you and how you work with it: This is useful information for us in continuing to develop and understand what Giving Voice is about.

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