Every Little Step

Every little step is a great big step
To breaking the pattern of separateness,
Every little step is a great big step,
So take a little step right now! 

Doo du doo du, Take a little step,
Doo du doo du, Just a tiny step,
Take a little step and then another step right (now)

NOW’S the time to break that pattern,
Now’s the time to take that step,
Now’s the time to wave bye bye to separateness.
Bye bye separateness! Bye bye such distress!

The great leap forward starts with a tiny step,
Doo du doo doo.
The great leap forward starts with a tiny step ...

If you wanna do it, choose it
If you wanna do it, choose it
NOW’s the time ... etc etc

© Jill Rakusen 2009

There are a few things you need to know before listening, otherwise the song can’t offer you much, if anything:

  • Carve out some time on your own – ideally 20-30 minutes the first time you engage with a song. If you are in a busy household, isolate yourself as best you can (maybe with some headphones and a ‘please do not disturb' sign).

  • Get familiar with your listening device if you aren’t already. Ideally it’s better to listen to the recording when offline, because doing it online so often leads to interruptions and distraction.

  • You will probably need to do some experimenting with how to listen offline, eg in airplane, flight or do not disturb mode. At the very least, turn off your device’s notifications, so you won't be distracted; and do check and adjust the volume if necessary.

  • Make sure you are physically comfortable before you begin; maybe have a good shake, and, ideally, settle down: standing, sitting or lying in a comfortable supported position, with your back straight, on the floor, or a bed, or a chair. There’s no need to keep still – feel free to move around.

  • Then, before you press play consider in what way you need to be promoting peace right now: Are the news headlines prompting negative feelings? Are you feeling isolated? harassed? resentful? distressed? irritated? angry? worried? 

  • Be open to receiving the gift of the song – to give yourself up to it as far as you are able. Discovering how to receive a song is one of the Key Elements involved in unlocking a song’s power.

  • Then, when the song has finished, allow it to continue resonating within you for a few more minutes. This will help you carry its quality with you afterwards.

  • Finally, to really grow through what the song offers, we need to build our relationship with it. So engaging with it regularly enables us to experience its different facets and draw on the myriad possibilities it offers in our daily lives.

  • Detailed guidance is available in our forthcoming book. However, if you are able to follow the above guidelines, this will be enough to get you started and on the right track.

This is the best recording to start with.  Rachel introduces the song and will help you prepare yourself to receive the song and be able to get the most from it.

Every Little Step - Rachel

This recording is of Jill and Rachel singing together but has no introduction. 

Every Little Step