Unlocking the Power of Song


  • Our Unlocking the Power of Song Blog explores how being isolated can, enable us to unlock the power of song even more productively than in a group 

  • On our Unlocking the Power of Song Facebook group available from our  Facebook page  we share some recordings of songs and  some chapters from our forthcoming book.   


UNLOCKING THE POWER OF SONG: a Companion for Challenging Times.

It is a songbook containing 28 of Jill’s songs and much more.  It will be available in November 2021, some preview chapters  are already available via our Facebook group.  

Please place an order now to receive the book soon after it has been printed.

What’s different about this Book? 
  • It's a designed to be a life-enhancing companion and workbook.

  • It contains the background to each song, showing not only how it came into being, but also, through that process, illuminating aspects of what each song can offer. 

  • It contains contributions from a pool of countless people who have found aspects of the Giving Voice process helpful in their lives.  

  • It illustrates how song can be harnessed – by anyone, in any situation and unusually it is particularly about harnessing song on your own 

  • It introduces key aspects of Giving Voice, and helps illuminate ways in which we relate to music, and the implications  

  • It manifests a process of developing awareness and understanding,  

  • It can be used as a life-enhancing companion and workbook