Unlocking the Power of Song
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UNLOCKING THE POWER OF SONG: a Companion for Challenging Times.

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What’s different about this Book? 
  • It's a designed to be a life-enhancing companion and workbook.

  • It contains the background to each song, showing not only how it came into being, but also, through that process, illuminating aspects of what each song can offer. 

  • It contains contributions from a pool of countless people who have found aspects of the Giving Voice process helpful in their lives.  

  • It illustrates how song can be harnessed – by anyone, in any situation and unusually it is particularly about harnessing song on your own 

  • It introduces key aspects of Giving Voice, and helps illuminate ways in which we relate to music, and the implications  

  • It manifests a process of developing awareness and understanding,  

  • It can be used as a life-enhancing companion and workbook