Giving Voice for Peace - Monthly

Monthly on Third Thursday of the Month in Sheffield and at a Distance.  

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Encouraging the Human Urge for Growth  

Three separate sessions with Jill Rakusen in Leeds 

on April 14th, June 30th and October 27th. 

They are open to anyone who’s done some GV before; the cost will be £10 (£8 for members), with bursaries available as usual.   They’re for learning how to get the very most out of what song can offer us, whatever our musical or physical (in)capacities.  The sessions will be complete in themselves, tho people will of course benefit from participating in all three. Specifically, the focus will be on:

  •             how to encourage the human urge to grow, however distant it may at times feel, 
  •             how to avoid inhibiting it,
  •             how to practise this in our day-to-day lives.

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Building the World We Want: using song to help us play our part

Three sessions in Sheffield in 2018  with Caroline Thorpe dates to be arranged.  Starting in May at Fulwood Old Chapel

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Bursary Form  PDF

Individual and small group sessions

Contact us if you'd like to to arrange sessions for yourself - including distance participation packages.


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