About Giving Voice

“I’ve been given a goldmine!  It’s been a lifeline.  It still is … I feel so lucky ... The benefit has been unbelievable” [months after end of course]


Giving Voice (GV) is a unique self-help tool involving the strategic use of song.  It can be done alone or in a group, aloud or even in silence. 


It can enable us to:

discover and foster inner strength, ease, peace and vitality 
‘reprogramme’ unhelpful attitudes and beliefs (even if unaware of them)
reassess our priorities
expand our awareness
become more joyful, integrated and congruent
develop greater understanding of what it means to be alive, to be part of the universe, to be.

It can help us promote harmony within, as well as in the world.


Anyone can learn to use it – 

whether they feel they can sing or not
regardless of their health status or (dis)abilities  
lack of singing experience or expertise can even be an advantage!

Giving Voice is holistic; while it has a spiritual component, it can be harnessed by people who have no conscious awareness of 'spirituality', and by people who espouse any religion or none. 

As with all tools, the more we explore using it, the greater the skill we can develop.  All our events are designed to help people develop such skill, as is our forthcoming self-help book.

  • "It's so fantastic!" (Health Promoter)
  • "Just what we need" (Social Services Manager)
  • "My school needs this!" (Head Teacher)
  • "It really works!" (Therapist)
  • "I learnt so much!" (Management Consultant)
Giving Voice

Giving Voice was developed over many years by Jill Rakusen. She has taught it to countless others, many of whom have influenced its development further.  In particular Rachel Healey and Caroline Thorpe – who Jill has trained to teach this approach – have played a key role, together with members of this Foundation, which was set up in 2004.  Since its inception in the 1990’s, Giving Voice has proved to be a valuable resource for people from a wide range of backgrounds.


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